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The right know-how at your disposal – our FAQs.


Q: My bike is slightly heavier than the stated payload of the rack. Can I mount it anyway?

A: The maximum load on the bike rack-shelf is tested on the average wall (brick and concrete wall). The racks can withstand a much heavier load but the problem is with the wall itself and this limitation is made to prevent unwanted damage to your bike. If you have solid, not crumbling wall you can mount a heavier bike.


Q: Do I need to buy a hardware for mounting the rack?

A: All our products are delivered with mounting hardware for brick or concrete wall. If you have plasterboard wall you will have to buy a heavy duty screw. Important: Bike Hooks cannot be mounted on plasterboard wall!


Q: My bike has a wider handlebar span. Does the rack fit?

A:  The stated handlebar’s width is for mounting a bike without skewing the front wheel.


Q: How and in which case can I return the purchased product?

A: Please read the Terms and Conditions


Q: The racks and hooks are lacquered, would they or my bike be damaged in everyday usage?

A: The slots of the racks and tips of the hooks are covered with the stripe of foam rubber or silicone sleeves to prevent damaging.


If you have any other question, please contact us we will be glad to help you.

The WOOC Team