It is about details…handcrafted, non-industrial!

The WOOC stands for World OOur Cubes, which represents a dedicated team of designer and craftsman working together in creating wooden objects with emphasis on aesthetic and functionality. We are supporting the idea of making beautiful wooden products in small numbers with the user in center, opposite to mass-produced, uniform, with economy of scale in mind.

Each of our product is handmade in small quantities. Making different wooden objects has led to the design and making support for bikes – bike shelf. The shelves are made to be used as a functional storage unit and also a quality made piece of furniture. Using only high-quality materials, the shelves are clear statement of design and function.

We are making it in our workshop, in one place, that can ensure minimum impact on material and energy waste. Having support from local community and cyclist enthusiasts we can make a difference in a way how they are made and used.

The WOOC Team

If you want to store a bike, yet display it…simple solutions are the best.